24 Madison

24 Madison is headed west, bringing you our favorites from Aretha, Ray Charles, Sam Cooke, Stevie Wonder and more! Come out to the new Aurora Borealis club for a fantastic evening with us!

With well over 200 years of music experience among them, the members of 24 Madison found each other over the past few years and decided to leverage that experience towards a band that was unique and would stand out against the current scene.

Female, male, and backing vocals, REAL horns (nice when you have a fantastic keyboard player and he doesn’t have to fake horn parts!), and percussion in addition to drums–we are able to take on a HUGE range of music, everything from soul to rock to pop to funk–and with our experience and dedication we cover them well. Who else covers Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder, Chicago, Amy Winehouse, Al Green, in one show!?!

Cory Vincent

What do you get when you combine the hard edged, dreary sounds of the Pacific Northwest with the soulful, southern themed voicings of the blues? The fans of Cory Vincent have appropriately coined it, “Grunge Blues.”

Drawing inspiration from genre-blending trailblazers like Neil Young, Jimi Hendrix, and Jack White; Cory’s live performances have given music lovers something they have been longing for… an experience.

Whether it be an intimate acoustic setting in a small crowded bar room; or a powerhouse, guitar heavy performance on a festival stage; fans of every age are taken aback by Cory’s ability to “make you wanna stop and listen.” With his powerful yet tasteful guitar playing, and soulful vocals that come straight from heart, Cory brings a depth to his performances that none can ignore.